Psychologist at the university of Kansas, published in Christian louboutin montreal the journal of research in personality a study online, select some college student volunteers as the research sample, let the students read each pair of shoes guess the shoes after the master's gender, age, social status and different personality Canada christian louboutin outlet traits. The results indicate that rather accurate guess of the observer can master the various characteristics of shoes.

Wear expensive shoes people average income is higher, Christian louboutin shoes discount ecause the people have certain economic income status are relatively high, Christian louboutin canada outlet will pay attention to their own taste and appearance, instead of not stick to one liberal figures like wearing rags and cheap shoes.

As we know, outgoing personality, cheerful people Christian louboutin sale authentic wear clothes can choose bright colors, they will put their lively and cheerful personality expression on his shoes at the same time, so the color of the shoes also have a bright and cheerful disposition is beautiful.

High-heeled shoes make every woman is beautiful "Christian louboutin montreal ", so as long as is a woman you must learn to wear high heels, but also to go light bright eye, let a person cannot help but look at! Had a beautiful high heels, however, does not represent every women wear is very beautiful. Some women don't wear high heels, wear high-heeled shoes not appear deportment myriad, recoiled instead, limped away, some even paced with dragging shoes,Canada christian louboutin outlet  therefore, must learn to wear high-heeled shoes to wear, so as not to have the opposite effect. Let the high-heeled shoes show you don't like beauty.

Due to high heels need strong stability, therefore is not Christian louboutin shoes discount suitable for the traditional Chinese shoe fabric cloth. Production of high heels. The most conventional and wearing the most comfortable fabrics is leather, cowhide, sheepskin and other animals, the most good head layer cowhide, of course; Animal leather cost is more expensive, however, also to the requirement of craftsman is higher, so the artificial leather arises at the historic Christian louboutin sale authentic moment. Leather is, of course,  C the advantages of cheap, can be mass production machinery, very accord with the requirement of industrialized society. With the development of science and technology, like genuine leather artificial leather can already do very like, PU leather is typical. In addition to various kinds of leather, people in pursuit of high heels elegant and showily, use expensive metal and jewelry on the high-heeled shoes of fabric. Cinderella's glass slipper will fall into this category.